When their first macadamia seedlings were planted in rich Bundaberg soil almost 20 years ago, the Steinhardt family put into play their clear vision for what Macadamias Australia would become. 

Two decades on, macadamias are fast becoming as synonymous with Bundaberg as our famous rum. Our Region now contributes 40 per cent of the national crop, with Macadamias Australia at the forefront of innovation, sustainability, environment and scale. 

Their value-added macadamias are craved for. They draw tourists and locals alike to their farm gate for the classic crunch of the roasted salted nuts, or the ones with a decadent dark or milk chocolate coating. They haven’t been afraid to experiment with Australian flavours, crusting their already beautiful nuts with honey or uniquely zesty lemon myrtle. Macadamias Australia innovated further with their vanilla and dry roasted happy nuts. They’re sold with a small opening in the shell and a special key ready for tasters to experience the perfect ‘crack’.

Local, interstate and international restaurants and retailers include these creamy Bundaberg gems in products such as health-food snacks, chocolate and nougat, baked goods, gelato and other wholefoods such as oil, milk and cosmetics. Artists have begun to utilise macadamia shells to create products such as bowls and lights. Shells are also being used to heat wood-fired pizza ovens and create delicate flavours for smoking food. Macadamia timber is popping up in artisan woodworking.

While Macadamias Australia have firmly cemented themselves as industry leaders, they are not done yet. Their new agri-tourism experience at their Goodwood Road farm will be an experience for all the senses – to taste, learn, listen and watch as all elements of the Macadamias Australia business come together under one roof. It is also the space where they will continue testing and innovating for generations to come.


You can find Macadamias Australia on 4625 Goodwood Road, Bundaberg