Nothing says Parisian romance like the combined scent of freshly made coffee, cut flowers and seasonal produce.

One Little Farm (OLF) recently marked its second birthday at Bargara Road in East Bundaberg, and to celebrate they’ve expanded their offering to include take-away coffee and home-made treats.

For all the coffee connoisseurs wondering which beans OLF owners Kate and Anthony Rehbein are serving – it’s the Cat’s Pyjamas. The Brisbane-based Seven Miles Coffee Roasters describe their coffee as “rich, luxurious, surprising – like wearing
a velvet suit, while stroking a white cat, in a 1965 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow”. They warn that it’s “not for consumption by actual cats”.

Staying true to their “local first” values, One Little Farm make their coffee with Central Queensland Dairy Fresh milk, as well as having other non-dairy options available. Grab a slice of home-made cake or tub of fresh cut fruit while you’re there.

Florist, farmer, greengrocer and fine food purveyor, OLF buy their fresh produce direct from more than 30 local farmers and like to make the most of what’s in season.

“I meet the farmers at their kitchen tables,” Anthony said. “When they have an abundant or oversupply of produce, we use that excess to create condiments and other delicious treats just like our grandparents did.”