Enjoying a drink or two is engrained in Australian culture. Catching up for a wine with girlfriends or meeting the boys at the pub for a beer. 

Alcohol can affect people in different ways, even leading to intolerances (and no, we don’t mean hangovers!). While some may be happy to forgo the occasional drink, there may be ways to overcome these negative reactions so you can again enjoy a healthy relationship with alcohol. Naturopaths Colin and Olive Harris from Nurtura Health have helped many clients do just this. 

Colin said he and Olive met a woman in New York, on an education trip to the United States, who wished to enjoy the pleasure of an alcoholic drink without the side effects of intolerance. She had been suffering indigestion, sugar cravings, constipation, bloating and extreme anxiety. 

“Once we returned to Australia, she travelled from interstate to see us. Through taking a detailed health and lifestyle history, the prominent event preceding her issues was the accidental death of her partner,” Colin said.

Olive explained that alcohol can irritate the gut, lead to leaky gut and in turn cause allergic reactions and liver inflammation.

“Under stress, immune tolerance is interrupted which can result in further inflammation of the liver,” Olive said.

“Alcohol depletes B vitamins and other vital nutrients, which can also exacerbate the stress response.”  

Using a range of tools, including iridology, MetaScan Body Composition Analysis, and computerized analysis, the team at Nurtura Health created a specific individual dietary and nutritional program for the client.  

“The plan was to relieve the uncomfortable digestive symptoms, support gentle liver detoxification, repair and regenerate healthy gut function, while nourishing and supporting the nervous system,” Colin said.

“Our client also undertook a series of colonic irrigation treatments combined with Bowen technique and lymphatic drainage massage.  

“She was delighted over a few months to again have the pleasure of enjoying a social drink without being sick.”

Olive said the Nurtura Health team also had extensive experience supporting clients who are recovering from alcohol addiction and are on their road back to health and wellness.

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