What is one of the most important travel accessories? It isn’t the best pair of shoes (although they help).

It is having the best health possible. Feet, legs, hips and knees that are able to walk around and climb hills. Energy to venture through rainforests and scale gorges. A robust immune system and circulation to arrive without a cold or flu and swollen legs.

The team at Nurtura Health, led by owners and naturopaths Colin and Olive Harris, offer to support your health before, during and after your trip.

Colin said joints were often affected by a range of problems that can impact your ability to enjoy your holiday, from wear and tear to obesity and insulin resistance.

“After individual assessment, we use a range of nutritional and herbal medicines to help reduce inflammation and pain and support increased mobility. Results may be boosted by incorporating Bowen technique and remedial massage,” Colin said.

Any compromise to healthy blood flow around the body can impact important senses such as taste, sight and smell, and contribute to issues with fluid retention and balance. Along with eating fresh, nutritious food and having adequate water, Olive said she recommended individual herbal and nutritional programs to support these vital senses.

Stress and exhaustion from work and life can also set the scene for an immune challenge.

“We can equip our clients with an immune protocol which may buffer the effects of travel, and exposure to different people and places,” Olive said.

She said weight loss goals were also common before people embark on a holiday, or when they get home.

“We find a lot of benefits of using MetaScan (a body composition analysis tool) in weight loss programs, as it allows clients to see what they are losing, such as body fat, fluid or muscle, and more closely monitor their progress,” Olive said.

“When patients get ‘stuck’ in their weight loss, we find working on liver detoxification and bowel cleansing using colonic irrigation may increase success.”

The team at Nurtura Health offer an empathetic and supportive environment with effective ways to help you achieve your goals.

“Our Naturopaths work with you on your journey to optimum mental, physical and emotional health to get the best out of your trip – wherever it may take you,” Colin said.


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