Gone are the days where playground equipment was just a staircase to a slide and a swing. Modern playground set ups are purposefully designed to promote problem solving, develop physical skills and encourage social interaction. And some of the best are built right here in Bundaberg. 

WillPlay is a leading Australian manufacturer of custom-designed playground equipment. They create playgrounds that are fully-recyclable at the end of their lives. This is just one part of the company’s commitment to sustainable practices and caring for the environment. 

Design Manager Jared Silcox said WillPlay playgrounds were also made, in large part, from Australian-sourced recycled plastics. 

“Our playgrounds can include up to 80 per cent recycled materials, and everything is made to last for at least 20 years. There are no ferrous steel products, so there won’t be any rusting, or any material breaking or wearing over time, We use aluminium and stainless steel structural posts and components which offer full coastal specification on all the play elements,” Jared said.

He said WillPlay was committed to providing better, safer play opportunities for future generations.

“We believe in sustainable development – that means being able to meet the needs we have today, without compromising the ability of future generations to be able to meet their own needs. We really feel this is something our stakeholders, employees and the community expect,” Jared said.

“We want to ensure that our equipment lasts a lifetime in whatever surroundings it is placed in, and when it’s life is finished it can be recycled to make new equipment for the next generation.”

Everything is made with high-quality materials, sourced in Australia where possible, and designed to withstand harsh Australian and coastal conditions. It is this dedication to quality that has resulted in WillPlay equipment being sold across the country. It’s a remarkable feat for a company that started out in Bundaberg just eight years ago with two staff, and has now grown into a team of 25 across two locations, with agents and distributors in every state.

Building Boreham Park

One of WillPlay’s most recent installations is the refurbishment of Boreham Park in Avenell Heights. 

The eight-metre-high adventure tower sits pride of place, surrounded by a large tube slide, inground trampolines, custom double swing and an all-abilities swing, zero depth water play area and a tunnel.

Jared is one of the designers at WillPlay, along with owner Terry Dullaway. On projects like Boreham Park they work to a brief, which often includes little more than an idea for a shape and a site map for the area.

“Our job is to make it work in the real world, because we have a lot of standards to adhere to. But as well as being practical, we want it to look cool and be fun,” Jared said.

“It needs a bit of excitement, something kids can climb over and fit as many people on as possible. This system has plenty of elements of play. It has something for the smaller kids with spinners, trampolines and swings, and then the large tower for the bigger kids.”

“Everything was manufactured in Bundaberg, including the final assembly of the rope elements. And the timber features are actually made from aluminium so they won’t warp or splinter over time – it will always look nice.”


WillPlay create custom-made or ready-made playground equipment  www.willplay.com.au