The philosophy behind Bundaberg’s newest healthcare facility is clear. Precision Healthcare Centre has been built to put the comfort of patients and treating doctors first, with a commitment to holistic and collaborative care.

Opened earlier this year by Physician and Endocrinologist Pretissha Harrichund, Precision aims to bridge the gap between what patients need and how they would like that care to be provided.

“Delivering cutting edge medical care does not need to be scary and going to the doctor does not need to be something that creates stress and anxiety,” Dr Harrichund said.

“Precision is a place where a lot of thought has gone into all aspects – from the choice of colours to having plants and nature in the waiting rooms. Everything has been deliberately chosen so nothing about the centre is clinical in the traditional sense and is really reflective of a place of healing. The end product is that the person leaves the centre feeling better than when they arrived.”

The two-storey centre on Branyan Street in Bundaberg West has been purpose-built to accommodate an allied health centre on its ground level, with its own reception, consulting rooms, gymnasium and magnesium therapy pool.

“My vision is to provide a specialist-led approach to a holistic model of care that incorporates various allied health professionals in one location,” Dr Harrichund said

“Most doctors focus on one organ system and Precision will enable us to have an in-house capability for patients to see other specialists. So it may not be one particular health specialist, but a team that will look after that patient.

“I want healthcare to be something that looks at the patient as a whole – with all the facets such as the psychological, physical, mental and spiritual side.”

The second floor provides consulting suites for doctors, which are larger than other suits currently available in Bundaberg.

“The space is for the comfort of the patient, but also for the treating doctor. If the doctor is calm, relaxed and feeling good, then the sort of care they’re able to extend to the patient will be that much superior,” Dr Harrichund said.

PHOTO: Sabrina Lauriston


Suites at Precision are now available for lease. For more click here.