Life is busy. Hectic has become the norm. Family time must be scheduled into crowded calendars in the pursuit of the elusive work-life balance. It is no wonder life often feels overwhelming.

The idea that something as simple as breathing and focussing our thoughts can help us cope with the day-to-day is almost too good to be true. Mindfulness, meditation, wellness and healing have roots in history, as far back as the fifth century BC. But it’s never been more relevant. The practice is becoming commonplace; not just with the spiritual and those who live naturally, but anyone looking for more peace, more space, more connection and a better relationship with themselves.

The practice of mindfulness has transformative power in more ways than one. It helps people engage in the moment and savour life’s pleasures as they happen. It has scientifically-proven health benefits such as relieving stress, reducing chronic pain, improving sleep and lowering blood pressure. It is used as an element of treatment for a range of mental health conditions such as depression, substance abuse, eating disorders and anxiety.

The belief that tuning into yourself to accept experiences, rather than react to them with angst or avoidance has spurred a range of wellness industries, helping people with connection, just like the women profiled in this special feature.

Marley from Jade Room basks in the senses. Lisa from Sacred Sounds connects to the divine. Danielle, a naturopath, is intuitive. Corina, a doula, offers compassion. Serrin from Harmonizing Horses hears the unspoken. They all convey their genuine desire to truly give their clients the best of who they are.