Going to the beach, popping to the shops, attending a community event or being involved in a community group are simple and meaningful things that people without a disability don’t have to think twice about doing. 

Yet, for many in the community, they need help to enjoy these everyday tasks. They need the support of service providers like Access Recreation.

Expanding their operation into Bundaberg in June, Service Manager Cirsty Murphy said the organisation was centered around building quality connections between participants and the community.

“Our focus is on making sure participants know what services are available in Bundaberg, how they can access them and how they get there,” Cirsty said.

“We focus on building their skills so when we’re not there they know how to access the services they need. They know how to get into town and what bus route they should take. They get to know people in the community, so they can go to places and know exactly who they can talk to and have a familiar face to seek out. We help empower them to build those connections in our community for themselves.”

Access Recreation also provides in-home support, group support, short-term accommodation, and homes where people are supported in independent living.


Find Access Recreation at 66 Barolin Street, Bundaberg. 07 4151 8019