Not so long ago, our region was considered just a small town, broken up by suburbs with an abundance of land supply, yet great potential for future development. Recently regional areas have had incredible growth over previous years, forcing local councils to continue developing the town plan to accommodate our expanding population.

The Bundaberg Region is no longer a little bush town; it has emerged as many different hubs and communities, offering a variety of living options for those who choose to live here. With the new Kepnock Shopping Precinct underway, the Region will now have a major grocer at each side of the city, preparing for new growth to follow.  The improvement to many parks, addition of dog-friendly facilities and upgrades to the city aquatics centre, are starting to give the Region some positive segregation between suburbs and communities.

Residential development has played a large part in approved projects over the past few years. We have seen a shift in the size of lots, as well as an increase in the density of living, particularly those developments in the inner-city hubs. In terms of buying, there has been a huge demand for dual occupancy arrangements, ie self-contained granny flats. Combining multiple generations has become a very popular way to live, reducing cost of living and simply enjoying time with loved ones.

As local residents, the demographic shift we have witnessed has been a positive one for our Region.  We have blended different cultures and established new communities, which is an imperative part of growth for any region.  This has created new networks for local residents, allowing opportunities to come about on a daily basis, both in business and life in general.


With more than ten years’ experience in local real estate, Ryan Weekes is the co-founder and principal at Weekes Property Co – a realtor agency designed to be different.