Words by Partriece Lyons

There is strength in connection and collaboration. So when three like-minded women decided to combine their powers for good under a single banner, Little Blue Shop, it made complete sense. You might have driven past this cute little store on the corner of Branyan and Woondooma Streets without even knowing. 

Inside, fairy lights, colourful artwork and mindful quotes line the walls. Kellie Roche, Marion Chappel and Emma Ellul all share a genuine desire to truly give their clients the best of who they are. 

They’re bringing mind, body and soul services together, all under one little blue roof. They are a unique, eclectic bunch that each have something different to offer.


Kellie Roche from Breathe and Be Yoga Therapy, is an occupational therapist and yoga therapist. 

“Yoga therapy is using the principles of yoga, to help support, find balance, and ease symptoms for people with medical conditions,” Kellie said.

“I just love the energy here at Little Blue Shop. It’s a loving, healing space, that brings us all together to find connection.” 

“We offer classes, workshops and individual sessions (by appointment).”

With 40 years in the industry, Marion Chappel from Health and Healing Touch, is a massage therapist, specialising in reflexology, pregnancy and remedial massage. She also teaches yoga and pilates. Marion said continuing these practices over the years had kept her off the surgeon’s table and in excellent health. 

“It’s so important to have resilience and the energy to maintain certain exercises and a healthy, balanced way of life. And having the strength and vitality to do it,” Marion said.

“The Little Blue Shop is intimate and relaxed. We all have a similar vision of what we want to offer the world and how we want to live it.” 


Holistic Counsellor Emma Ellul, from Wild Hearted Wellbeing, creates a safe haven for women and men to speak freely and openly, with no judgement. She is passionate about helping people feel loved, empowering them to move forward using simple tools they can use in their everyday lives.

“We can always walk the journey on our own. But true strength comes in asking for help when we need it. Sometimes we need someone to hold our hand for part of the journey and then we’re strong enough to go it alone.” Emma said.  

Emma is also a weight loss coach as well as an author. She has written and illustrated a book ‘Feel the Love’, helping children with anxiety.


Visit it

The Little Blue Shop 91 Woondooma Street, Bundaberg 0435 662 730 (Emma)