The humble beach shack has evolved into something that is quite often very upmarket. However, the principles of coastal living have stayed the same; to create a focus on easy living and open, airy spaces. If you are looking to make your coastal dream that bit more comfortable and appeal to a broad range of buyers when it comes to re-sale, here are some great tips. 

When it comes to flooring, choose a covering that is easy to sweep or mop and will hide the dirt (or sand). Tiles can create seamless living as they can be used throughout the whole house, inside and out. Concrete flooring is also becoming more and more popular. 

Ensure there is plenty of shade around the home, whether this be from verandahs, eaves or landscaping. This will keep the house cooler and ensure you are making the most of the location that you live in. 

If you are lucky enough to have a view, maximise the outlook with your home design and install sliding or bi-folding windows and doors to engage with the outdoors. Keep the window furnishings minimal or bare and paint colours neutral to showcase the view instead. 

Install a shower or water source outside of the house in a location where you don’t need to enter the house to access it. If you have the space, consider a separate room complete with change area and clothesline. This could also be a shed-style structure to house surfboards, kayaks and other water sports equipment. 

Louvres are the ideal window choice for maximising the view, filtering light and capturing the cross flow breezes. Not only do they have a coastal look, but can be tilted to adjust the air-flow and left open when it’s raining. 

Coastal living is all about the outdoors, so decks are the ideal way to extend your living space. Semi-enclosing the space means that it can be used for additional living area all year round. 

Sean Boylan is a part of the Emma Bauer team at Coastline Realty. Emma and her team are also experienced in conveyancing and interior design.