When St Luke’s Anglican School talks about helping students be the best they can be, they aren’t just referring to academic achievements. It’s also about preparing Year 12 students to go out and be great citizens of the world. 

Head of Senior School Robyn Deer said St Luke’s prided itself on developing the character of students.

“For us it is about the end product. It is about getting students into the places they want to go,” Robyn said. 

“Because we are a small school, we are able to tailor the career pathway to each student. So we look at where their interests lie – are they looking to go to university or are they wanting to go on to an apprenticeship or other training.”

A large number of St Luke’s Year 12 students do go on to tertiary studies, around 78 per cent, thanks in part to the supportive school environment.

“When our students come into Year 11, we have academic advisors, who are teachers that provide one-on-one mentoring through Year 11 and 12 to help students achieve the goals they have set,” Robyn said.

The mentoring program is also boosted by a strong pastoral care and co-curricular program.

“Focusing on physical and emotional wellbeing through a lot of different activities helps to prepare the students for their next steps,” Robyn said.

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