We’re exploring our great Aussie backyard like never before. A question we get asked a lot at Searle’s RV Centre is: “What is best for our journey—a caravan or motorhome?” Here are some things to consider.

What type of trip are you planning?

For many people, one of the appeals of exploring Australia is having no itinerary, following your heart, exploring new points of interest and discovering hidden treasures. Being spontaneous is great, but are you prepared for when you stop? And if you want to stay a few days, do you have supplies? Once unhooked for the day, caravan owners can slip into town to pick up forgotten supplies but motorhome owners need to take the house with them.

Motorhomes can handle beaten tracks just like caravans but if a road looks uninviting… listen to your wife!

Who’s coming?

Motorhomes are great for singles and couples but they rarely come with bunks and the back seats can be uncomfortable for long distances. Families will mostly stick to caravans and the tow is a great pack horse for all those extra bits you have to take away.

How do you feel about towing?

Not everyone is comfortable towing a caravan. If you plan on sharing the driving with your partner, or in the unfortunate circumstance that one of you falls unwell, is the other person capable and confident to hitch and un-hitch the caravan, and get home safely? Less confident drivers often choose a smaller motorhome they can easily manoeuvre around campsites and busy roads.


Purchasing a caravan or motorhome is a significant decision and there are additional set-up costs to consider. Many people already own a vehicle suitable for towing but if you don’t, you’ll be looking at two important purchases. Similarly, most motorhome owners have another vehicle parked at home, which means two vehicles that need registration, insurance, and servicing. The cost of registering and upkeeping a caravan is relatively low.


Caravans are easier to store when not in use. It’s not uncommon to see a caravan parked to the side of someone’s home, but motorhomes generally have a purpose-built space, or are kept in a storage facility. However, in recognising the popularity and convenience of motorhomes, many lifestyle villages are now providing special RV storage for their residences.


Ben Searle is the owner of Searle’s RV Centre — Bundaberg’s caravan and motorhome specialists located in Kensington.