You slept in your makeup. Now what?

Summer is the party season – lots of events and late nights. It may come as a surprise to some, but even I have committed the cardinal sin of the skincare world – I went to bed with my makeup on. 

Even using mineral makeup, which is best for the skin, I have discovered first-hand why your skin does not like makeup staying on your skin overnight. The next morning, I had very upset and cranky skin.

One day not doing my normal routine and instantly I could feel my skin had been affected.

As soon as I showered, my skin felt rough and dry all along my nose and cheeks. I could feel my pores were clogged, especially in my chin – my problem area for blackheads. 

When I applied my serums and hydrator, instantly my skin flushed red and went very blotchy. I had heat and itchiness for a few minutes, the blotchiness lasting a lot longer.

So why did this happen? Your skin is a living organ. In that one night I did two things to my skin. I didn’t allow it to breathe and to do its natural cycle of life. It didn’t have a chance to properly regenerate, where it releases a natural oil as our barrier. Leaving your make up on either dries up the oil or stops the process from happening. 

The other thing I didn’t do was feed the skin anything during the night. Just like our bodies, when we sleep our skin is repairing, regenerating and rebuilding. I gave my skin nothing to help with that.  

So what happens now? Well, I need to play it careful for a few days with my skincare – no actives (the ingredients that help make your skin look younger, stop pigment and help fight acne).

I need to strengthen my barrier back up with lots of good oils internally and topically. Try fish oil tablets and using a rosehip or triglyceride-rich oil. Once my barrier is repaired, then my actives can come back into use.

Try to avoid it, but life and leaving your make up on at night, happens. Just remember to go gently with it the next few days – think love and nurture, rather than repair and regenerate. Just use your oils until your skin feels happy again.


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