There are many things Aussies and Kiwis will never agree on. Pavlova is one of them. Which country can lay claim to inventing it? In Bundaberg the humble pavlova is as iconic as a sausage on bread or a meat pie. 

It’s a firm favourite in the McPherson family household at Tinaberries strawberry and passionfruit farm. New Zealand-born husband, Bruce McPherson, and his Queenslander wife, Tina, agree on two things when it comes to pavlova – it’s delicious and best kept simple. 

Bruce does most of the cooking, but occasionally he calls on Tina to whip up a last-minute desert. Eton mess, otherwise known as smashed or deconstructed “pav”, is Tina’s go-to after a few wines at a family barbecue or a long day out on the farm. She keeps all the ready-made ingredients on hand, to serve in individual parfait glasses or to lay out on a timber board so their guests can serve themselves. 


Tina’s Smashed Pav

Set down a base of ready-made meringue.

For texture: leave some whole, crush a few and crumble others. 

Layer with two different flavours of Tinaberries ice-cream.

Dress with fresh strawberries and passionfruit pulp from Tinaberries.  

Add dollops of whipped cream and dot with Tinaberries Passionfruit Butter.

Roughly chop unsalted, roasted Macadamias Australia nuts and sprinkle on top, along with any remaining crumbled meringue. 



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