Lincoln Kirchner works best under pressure. He invented a new fish smoking process, designed the machine to do it and started a business while laid up in bed, recovering from a serious workplace injury. 


Since then, The Seafood Smokery has won countless awards, including Champion Specialty Product at the 2019 Sydney Royal Fine Foods Show with their Macadamia Smoked Blue Salmon. They most recently took out a silver medal at the 2021 Show in Sydney with their Tuna Pate (pictured).  

In a sure sign that Lincoln is fighting another battle now, he’s started designing and building a custom dry-aging facility for his fish. Challenges of the “green tape” variety, ongoing legislative uncertainty for the industry and seasonality have also prompted him to diversify his product range beyond hot-smoked Spanish mackerel and salmon. He’s working on an albacore, horseradish and caper dip, using capers from Kingaroy.

“We are working with striped marlin, swordfish and a range of wild-caught tuna,” Lincoln said. “If we don’t have access to Australian fisheries, all the seafood we get in Australia will be imported or farmed.”

Lincoln feels strongly about ensuring fisheries are sustainably managed. He sends his fish carcasses to government agencies to contribute to stock monitoring efforts, and only works with ethical fishermen. 

Fishermen deliver their fresh catch directly to The Seafood Smokery at Burnett Heads, where it is expertly filleted by Boyd Pollentine that same day, before it is brined and smoked using a secret blend of Australian timbers. Lincoln enjoys talking to visitors at the waterfront processing facility and getting their feedback on his latest creations.



Buy direct The Seafood Smokery, 145 Buss Street, Burnett Heads