The soft gong of the mallet rings out as it gently strikes a crystal singing bowl. It emits a deep, resonating musical note. Relaxing. Calming. Soothing.

There is no denying the affect singing bowls can have on a person. It’s why Lisa Blainey, owner of Sacred Sounds, uses them in group meditations and one-on-one treatments. The qualified aromatherapist and meditation instructor has even incorporated them in a new style of treatment she developed.

“Client after client was needing the same thing, so I developed this treatment which I call the Four Gates,” Lisa said.

“It’s a really nice treatment in the evenings as it looks to bring balance back to the body by either stimulating or calming four main acupressure points on the body. This is combined with aromatherapy and the singing bowls to act as an overall tonic, creating the ability for the body to heal itself.”

As well as seeing clients one-on-one, Lisa is also partnering with other wellness providers to run full-day retreats or other combined events.

“It’s all about bringing wellness providers together to make things affordable, reachable and educational. It’s about offering capacity building in ways we may not even realise we need,” Lisa said.


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