Humans have been using juniper berries for their gastronomic, medicinal, and ritual properties for thousands of years. They have been found in ancient Egyptian tombs and were used in Olympic events because Romans believed they increased stamina in athletes. 

It seems the medieval herbalists were on to something. Today, the humble juniper bush remains lorded by botanists, but has also gained itself another worldwide mainstream following in gin enthusiasts. Juniper is the one compulsory ingredient that every gin has in common. 

It’s what distillers do with the other botanicals that gives each gin a unique flavour profile. Up-and-coming distiller, Kalki Moon, knows how to perfectly balance savoury and sweet aromatics to take the trendy global gin scene by storm; winning a swag of international and Australian awards in just five short years. 

Remarkably, they didn’t set out to be gin distillers. Kalki Moon started to produce gin, vodka and liqueurs out of necessity, due to Australian maturation laws for rum. Intent on being a small-batch rum distillery, in the meantime, they’ve busily created products like chilli vodka and collaborated with local soft drink makers to create premix gin cans that celebrate flavours like ginger and elderflower.  

Kalki Moon’s first true rum, released in April this year, has most certainly been worth waiting for. 


Burnett – Four Rivers Series

Burnett is the first release of four in Kalki Moon’s premium Four Rivers Series of premium rums. It’s a single barrel release, producing just 400 bottles that will never be repeated. Double pot distilled, then aged for two years and eight months in a single French oak ex Australian sherry barrel. Released on April 1, it includes a decanter, custom display box and booklet. Stay tuned for the next three instalments. 

First Rattoon

Handcrafted. Top shelf. Small Batch. This pure single rum has been fermented, distilled, aged, bottled and packaged all on-site at Kalki Moon Distillery. Crafted and blended using their finest aged rum, the First Rattoon was released on April 1 and is the most anticipated spirit in the Cane Farmer Series of spirits. It has been aged for 18 months in ex American Oak, before being finished in deluxe French Oak, ex Port Barrels for another
12 months.

TIP: First Rattoon is designed to be enjoyed neat or on the rocks. Or add just a splash of your favourite mixer, as you don’t want to wash away its beautiful flavour.

Coffee Liqueur

Introducing Kalki Moon’s latest liqueur – coffee. Blended over two weeks to perfectly balance the flavours, this beautifully smooth vodka-based liqueur will leave a lingering taste that reflects the bitterness of coffee, sweetness of chocolate and the creaminess of hazelnut and vanilla. 

Did you know … Kalki Moon’s castoff botanicals are turned into cosmetics or fed to local livestock.


For tours, tastings, cellar door, gin garden, events and functions, visit Kalki Moon at 22 Commercial Street, Bundaberg. Telephone 07 4151 0396 or visit www.kalkimoon.com