Breathe. Strengthen. Align. Stretch. Exercise doesn’t have to always be about weights and cardio. Movement and mobility are just as important, especially as we get older. 

Pulse Pilates By The Sea owner Melinda Pain said there was nothing more rewarding than hearing clients say they could get down on the floor to play with their children or grandchildren, or pain they had been experiencing had improved. 

“Pilates is such a great low impact exercise, that uses your own body weight, which is designed to get you mobile. It has a focus on strengthening key areas like the abdominals and glutes, which is of benefit to your whole body as well as helping reduce postural pain,” Melinda said.  

The former nurse and pelvic health medical representative had enjoyed pilates practice for many years before becoming an instructor. After a spur-of-the-moment sea change to Bargara in 2021, the mum of two decided to take her passion for helping people to the next level by opening her own business.

Mel started offering pilates on the beach at Burnett Heads, then added Bargara and Elliott Heads. After running some classes in Bundaberg, Mel opened a dedicated studio space in March 2022.

Offering mat and barre pilates, the classes are designed to suit all levels of fitness and flexibility.

“My classes are very much based on getting mobility back. We are not doing the Instagram poses. We’re getting strength back into body parts that are weak which can help your overall posture,” Mel said. 

“And what I love about mat pilates is that you can’t even see what the person next to you is doing, which is great for beginners or people who feel self-conscious.  My modifications are always so subtle. Because of my experience in nursing and my understanding of anatomy, I can modify an exercise purely just by the way I put someone’s body slightly angled, or with a small added support.”

Pilates is also a great exercise for new mums to work on their core strength and pelvic floor.

“We have dedicated ‘Mums and Bubs’ classes where they are carefully guided through an appropriate range of movement for their post partum recovery. Being able to bring bub along helps reduce social isolation feelings that often plague new mums trying to get back into the world post the newborn haze,” Mel said.

Pulse Pilates By The Sea has a range of class times, five days a week, with Mel recommending three classes for anyone keen to give pilates a go for the first time.  


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