What do we consider to be strengths in the world of tax and accounting and why are they important?

Trustworthy, dedicated, honest, professional, knowledgeable are all adjectives that come to mind. All positive strengths present in a trusted advisor.

To become a trusted advisor we must be able to deliver and exhibit many strengths. It is something that is earnt and it generally takes time, patience and dedication with a long-term strategy in mind.  

Time is spent building and strengthening relationships, and it is one of the greatest compliments to receive being considered a client’s trusted advisor.

As a professional in a field where we are privy to sensitive information, it is important that the utmost confidentiality is maintained, communication is effective and knowledge is credible.  

A trusted advisor actively listens to what their clients are saying and not saying.  They are always asking questions, assessing the situation, and offering recommendations suitable to the clients’ needs.  

Strengthening the ability to actively listen shows clients our enthusiasm for their business, the level of commitment we have and gives them reassurance that we fully understand them.  

Genuine passion and enthusiasm about our clients’ businesses and the desire to provide accurate and timely advice is paramount in strengthening that all-important relationship.

Becoming a trusted advisor is a privilege and a positive strength to build and maintain.  Here at Lyons Judge we take the time with our clients to get to know them, their business and their personal situation to be able to provide timely and relevant advice tailored to their unique needs. We consider it well worth our investment.

Karen Peall is Executive Manager of Lyons Judge Bundaberg and has more than 20 years’ experience in accounts and taxation.