Words by Jade McKenzie


Whether you’re based out of a co-working space or working from home, here are a few styling tips to create an office that not only encourages productivity, but looks flawless and stylish. 

Light it Right

Along with the numerous health and productivity benefits natural light brings to an office space, we can also appreciate how aesthetically pleasing it is to work in a naturally bright area. If this is out of the question, adding a combination of desk lamps and floor lamps, to work in with your overhead lighting, will go a long way to creating atmosphere and ambience in your space. 

Go Green

Plants instantly bring a sense of tranquillity and warmth, plus they are visually interesting for both employees and visitors. Luckily for those who happen to be a plant serial killer like me, there are so many fabulous faux plants and trees available now. When purchasing faux plants, it’s worth spending that little extra and buying ones that look exactly like the real deal. Adding a jute basket or textured pot around the base will also make a visual impact. 

Declutter and Decorate

Remove those half empty coffee cups and piles of paper from your desk, and once you’ve got it down to the bare minimum, add a couple of decor items. Personalise your workspace with pieces that keep you happy and motivated, whether it be a scented candle, stylish desk accessories or a bold statement vase. You can always swap and change your look. 

Wall Art is a Must

Artwork makes a statement and inspires creativity, so choose pieces for your office with minimal colours that help keep you focused, or better yet, frame selected prints or photographs that influence you and your team. 


Jade is the owner of The Property Styling Co. She is an interior designer, property stylist and member of the International Institute of Home Staging.