Why physical education is important for all students

Physical activity is foundational for human health and wellness. It’s why educators like St Luke’s Anglican School don’t underestimate its importance. 

Health and Physical Education Head of Faculty Michael Parsons said St Luke’s focussed on the wholistic development of each student because physical, mental and social wellness are intrinsically linked.

“On the surface we are educating our students about movement competency, sport specific skills, tactical strategies and strength and conditioning,” Michael said.

“But we are also providing an environment of trust and respect where students feel safely challenged to improve their general fitness, personal development or pursue higher sporting goals.

“We aim to teach students about the value of sustained effort, overcoming challenges and pursuing personal and collective goals, which helps them to develop self-confidence, self-esteem, resilience and personal accountability. It’s not a bad idea to have plenty of fun along the way too.”

Michael said physical activity was shown to help students in the classroom. They are more likely to be settled in class, develop clarity of thought, apply sustained effort when challenged intellectually and work effectively with teachers and in classroom teams.

Students have a wide variety of opportunities at St Luke’s; from health and physical education classes and sport extension classes to joining sports teams that compete in state-wide competitions and an Athlete Development Program. Students can access a wide range of team and individual sports.

It’s not just the students that benefit from these kinds of programs. 

“The greatest benefit to the school is that we help our students become the best they can be. It is very fulfilling for teachers, coaches and trainers to see students develop physically, mentally and socially through engagement in sport and physical activity,” Michael said.

“In my experience, the best environment to build relationships with young people is through sport. And the best way to improve adolescent communication and behaviour is through quality relationships.” 

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