Calm and softly spoken, Danielle Dennis is everything you would want in a naturopath. She’s caring and easy to tal

It’s no surprise that naturopathy is something Danielle said she felt drawn to.

“I’m passionate about herbal medicine and how it works. My mum used to take my younger siblings to naturopaths, and I was always so impressed with the results. The thinking behind it, the remedies actually working and seeing changes from them. It was all so fascinating to me,” Danielle said.

Seeing clients both in person and online, Danielle enjoys helping people to find relief from anxiety and low mood, emotional strain exhaustion and general fatigue, and insomnia. She specialises in formulating her own herbal tinctures and flower essences, determining herbal combinations and dosages for each individual client.

“Flower essences are an energetic remedy and are derived from flowers and diluted to an extent that they contain only the energetic signature of the plant. And through that they work on a different level in your body. I like to use them to bring emotional balance to people. They are a really big part of my treatment,” Danielle said.

A self-proclaimed traditional naturopath, Danielle believes there is a strong link between not feeling your emotions and having them manifest in your body.

“We’re in the habit of not feeling our emotions and when that happens, emotions become suppressed into your body, or you distract yourself from them or avoid them, and this in the longer term can lead to health issues. So a big part of how I work is to guide clients to feel their emotions. Honour emotion as it comes up, feel it then let it go and refocus,” Danielle said.

As a naturopath, Danielle said the most common reasons clients come to see her is to improve their general health and emotional wellbeing.

“I work intuitively. One of my strengths as a naturopath is being able to get a really good picture of how someone is going, how sensitive they are, what they need to work on, which direction to go and how long a treatment may take.”


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