It’s that time of year when your last break seems like a distant memory and the hustle and bustle of life has completely taken over. Resolutions and thoughts of slowing things down or making more time for self-care have been lost in the everyday.

Whether you need a little rest and relaxation, or you are finding it hard to move forward following a difficult time, Lisa Blainey at Sacred Sounds can help.

Lisa is a holistic therapist trained in meditation and aromatherapy, and is best known for her free crystal singing bowl meditations along the Region’s coastline. Her work across multiple modalities has allowed her to create her signature The 4 Gates treatment, an opportunity to rebalance and retune. It is one of Sacred Sounds ‘Life Milestones’ treatments for when you are managing trauma, overwhelm and emotional stress. The other treatment, likened to a ‘vision quest’ is Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique (EECT).

“I offer these therapies out of recognition that we feel and hold stress, tension and trauma within our body,” Lisa said.

“Sometimes you need more than a massage. When you are ready, these treatments support you to process, release, renew and revitalise.” 

The 4 Gates treatment combines Tibetan vitaflex, massage, aromatherapy and singing bowls, while EECT is based on an ancient Egyptian ritual for ‘cleansing of the spirit’.

“This is a beautiful, intuitive technique performed in silence and reverence. It is a sacred anointing sequence with essential oils, intertwined with subtle body and energy work,” Lisa said.

Lisa has also brought together like-minded providers to create a full-day beach retreat, being offered in June and October. Sacred Sounds also take private bookings for corporate retreats and meditations, bridal and women’s celebration events.


Book at Sacred Sounds by telephoning 0438 555 551 or visit www.sacredsounds.com.au