Sugar or Spice – you can’t go wrong with either when it comes to the creamy sweet potato. Incredibly versatile, with a nutrition profile that can’t be beat, this vibrant orange veggie is enjoyed year-round across the globe. 

What you may not know is that Bundaberg is the biggest growing region for sweet potatoes in Australia. And our largest producer is Sweet Potatoes Australia. 

General Manager Claire Maslen said the company was a joint venture between like-minded farming families – Greensill Farming and Holt Farming. They combined their resources to band together, realising they were stronger as one. 

“We supply around 40,000 tonnes of sweet potatoes each year. That goes into everything from retail supermarkets to chips, frozen chips, restaurants, cafes and bars throughout Australia. We also export overseas to Asia, China, the Middle East and Europe,” Claire said.

“We have a big partnership now with Simplot, who make the Birds Eye Sweet Potato Chips, one of the only all-Australian grown sweet potato chips on the market.”

Sweet Potatoes Australia accounts for about one third of Australia’s sweet potato supply, about 43 million potatoes pulled from their Windermere and Qunaba farms. Gold sweet potatoes makes up about 95 per cent, with Hawaiian and red varieties making up the balance. 

Demand for ‘sweeties’ as they are affectionately known, continues to grow, as more people discover the versatility of the vegetable, as well as the health benefits, which includes vitamins A and C and dietary fibre.


For more about Sweet Potatoes Australia, visit www.sweetpotatoesaustralia.com.au

Try a local sweetie at the Taste Festival

You’ve probably tried a sweet potato chip or baked with a roast, but there are so many ways to make the humble sweet potato shine!

During the Taste Bundaberg Festival from August 4 – 13, Sweet Potatoes Australia have partnered with local chefs to highlight the vegetable’s diversity and deliciousness.

Joey Caruana from The Windmill will be at the Taste Festival Farmers Market, serving up Loaded Sweet Potatoes fresh from the farm. Piled high with your favourite toppings, this is sure to keep you warm on a chilly Winter morning. 

Sweet Potatoes Australia ambassadors and television celebrity chefs Dan and Steph Mulheron will be hosting Golden Hour at Woodgate Beach Hotel. Enjoy the Winter sun set with an entire menu featuring sweet potatoes. Food and drinks are included.

Full program details will be launched on June 26, with tickets on sale from July 10. For full event details and information, visit bundabergregionalcouncil.shorthandstories.com/taste/index.html