We have more health information at our fingertips than ever before.

But having a wealth of knowledge doesn’t equal professional and personalised health advice. Understanding your health needs and finding the right solutions can be an overwhelming process, but that’s where the experienced pharmacy team at West Bundaberg Pharmacy can help.

Located in the heart of Bundaberg’s medical precinct, West Bundaberg Pharmacy’s team of accredited clinical pharmacists provides in-home medication reviews and work collaboratively with general practitioners and health professionals to ensure the medications prescribed for their patients achieve the best possible health outcomes. 

Owner and pharmacist Brenton Veurman said that gaining a broader picture of a patient’s health was essential to providing the right care and advice. 

“Often patients will come into the store and hand us a bunch of prescriptions, but they have little understanding of what they are for or how they work,” Brenton said. 

“As part of our clinical pharmacy services, patients can be referred to us by their general practitioner and we visit them in their home where they feel comfortable. We get to know them, look at their health wholistically, review what medications they are using, and then provide recommendations back to their doctor.”  

“We’re proud of the close working relationships we have with local health practitioners. Clinical pharmacists are an important part of a patient’s healthcare team.” 

Building relationships with their patients is at the heart of West Bundaberg Pharmacy. Their team of pharmacists, many of whom grew up in Bundaberg, are well respected and trusted locals who have been working in the Region for many years.  

“We prioritise the relationships we have with our patients,” Brenton said. 

“By getting to know them, and working closely with local health care professionals, we aim to give our patients tailored and professional care, that will help them be the healthiest and strongest they can be,” he said.  

Clinical pharmacy services and home medication reviews are just part of what West Bundaberg Pharmacy offers. They also provide compounding of paediatric medications, vaccinations, clinical services to the Mater Hospital, diabetes and heart health advice, weekly medicine packs and a range of health and wellness products. Plus, their Napolean Perdis make-up products and makeover services are highly sought after. 



West Bundaberg Pharmacy is at 290 Bourbong St, Bundaberg West. 07 4153 4133