Helping children get involved in sustainability planning and practices is a great way to build their knowledge and understanding of what it means to take care of our planet. As an individual, family and community acting together, we can make a big difference!

Since Spring is a great time of the year to venture out into the garden, here are a few things you can do to start teaching kids about sustainability and being eco-friendly.

Start your own vegetable garden

When children grow their own food they learn the steps that go into bringing food from the farm to the table. It helps kids understand how hard it is to grow food and why sustainable food practices are so important.

Share your produce with your neighbours

Start a food swap in your neighbourhood and encourage others to do the same as swapping food reduces food wastage.  When children learn about the energy, time and resources used to produce food for it to only go to waste, they are more mindful about how they use food.

Visit North Bundaberg Community Garden.

Located at Gavin Street, North Bundaberg. The garden is maintained by volunteers. Drop in anytime.

Visit Terra Tribe Farm!

Located at Howard, on the Burrum River, Terra Tribe is a working permaculture farm. The farm provides education on a life of sustainability, low waste and permaculture. They also run school holiday programs. 

Spend the weekend at Splitters Farm!

Read more about this sustainable working farm on Page 57, or visit Flying High Bird Sanctuary, Snakes Downunder or Alexandra Park Zoo to learn about animal species.

Make your own compost

Save your food scraps and use these in your garden! This reduces landfill and helps build better gardens.

Visit plant nurseries! 

Bunnings run free kids workshops on weekends and more often during school holidays. 

Pick Your Own Strawberries! 

SSS Strawberries, Bargara Berries and Tinaberries all offer pick your own farm experiences. Check with individual farms for opening times and days.


Angela Twyford is the co-founder of Wide Bay Kids. For more family events and activities visit  www.widebaykids.com.au