St Luke’s Anglican School is embarking on a five-stage masterplan that will propel the school into the future.

For almost 30 years the school campus has provided a supportive learning environment for students, which will be enhanced further by a range of new developments and key features.

A new performing arts and sports centre, an upgrade to the upper primary learning environments and a new lower primary precinct all feature in the masterplan. The final stage will create a wellness hub, café and staff administration space, as well as a ‘town centre’ for all members of the school community to gather.

The developments will include key features across the masterplan, like a ‘green heart’. This will become a central natural environment that allows staff, students and the community to retreat, reflect, play, collaborate and learn simultaneously.

Flexible learning spaces, both internally and externally, will allow students to control and take responsibility for how and where they learn.

Other key features include a focus on community and culture, with facilities that enable collaboration between students, staff and the community, as well as showcasing the importance of ‘learning on display’ by displaying student work and creating central areas for collaborative learning.

The Our Future Built Environment Master Plan can be downloaded from the School’s website.