The growing business helps support disability services

What started out as a few plants in a small shed to complete the landscaping of Community Lifestyle Support (CLS) has now grown into its own business, providing work for long-term unemployed and an outlet for green-thumb volunteers.

Nardoo Nursery moved into its dedicated sheds at the back of the CLS grounds in Ashfield 18 months ago and has grown from strength to strength. Horticultural manager Anne Davies is supported by a fellow horticulturalist and a team of volunteers, helping to stock the nursery and sell the plants, with profits helping people with a disability engage in the community through the services of CLS.

“This has been a huge, combined effort of Skilling Queenslanders for Work and volunteers, and now we have also got some clients who are starting to become involved and working with us in the nursery,” Anne said.  “One of our support workers, Renee Artup, is bridging that gap between clients here for their skills campus, who are now getting involved in the actual running and maintenance and meeting our customers.”

The Nardoo Nursey team has grown everything you see in the beautiful gardens as you drive into CLS. The same plants are now used for cuttings to grow the extensive range of plants available for purchase. Being grown here makes them hardy and ready for any local garden.

The nursery was named after nardoo, an aquatic fern, which was also used by indigenous people to help feed explorers Burke and Wills.

Succulents, outdoor and indoor plants, natives and florals all have a section in the nursery. They also have a large vegetable patch with the organic produce available to purchase in the shop.

The nursery shop features beautiful locally-made products that are also found in the MAKI shop at Sugarland Plaza.

“The MAKI Shop operates as a business start-up, so artists and makers who want to bridge the gap from making products to being commercially-ready, have an outlet to help them achieve that,” graphic designer, Jenni Miners said.

“The MAKI Shop also stocks products made right here at CLS, as well as creating custom gifts and home décor items.”


Nardoo Nursery is open 6 Days (closed Sunday) at 48 Ashfield Road, Kalkie. Telephone 1300 627 366. The Maki Space is at Sugarland Plaza. Telephone 07 4152 5788