Trace: what I love about Spring

Spring is my favorite season. After three months of cold weather people start coming out of hibernation and here in Bundaberg, we live in the best place for spending time outdoors. Pack a picnic and head to one of our beautiful beaches. Watching the waves with some delicious food makes for the perfect day out.

I also love Spring because barbeques and get-togethers make a comeback. The social scene seems to quiet down over Winter as we’re all indoors with a good book or movie but now that Spring has sprung, clean up your outdoor area, invite your friends and family over and fire up the barbie!   

Good food, good company and great weather is an ideal way to spend a weekend.

Matty: the ocean is calling

Nature’s playground is my happiest of places and I just love the beach. The feel of jumping into the ocean and lying there weightless and still is calming and almost spiritual.

I have such a strong memory from when I was a teenager in Cronulla, Sydney. I went for an early morning bodyboard, and the conditions were perfect. The sun was rising, and I was aware that a couple of hundred meters away people were stirring out of bed, getting into cars, and heading into work. I could see and hear their hustle and bustle, but I felt so separate. I was in a magical wonderland, full of peace and calm. It was spiritual—at least that’s how I can best describe it. I don’t think I’m an overly spiritual person but that morning I felt connected to planet Earth and something bigger. 

We have some amazing beaches here and when I visit them, I sometimes walk and shut my eyes for a few steps—taking in the sounds, the feel and the smells. You can literally walk along Moore Park Beach without seeing another person and Elliott Heads is an Insta-worthy postcard.

Get out and enjoy the amazing spots we have here. It’s good for the soul.


Matty Ambrose and Tracey Sergiacomi are radio hosts for the Breakfast Program on 93.9 Hitz FM, weekdays from 6am.