When you enter a historic pub, it is hard not to think about times gone by. The tall stories that were once told. The brawls that were once had. The fun and laughter shared among friends. 

But have you ever wondered of hidden secrets or a dark past trying to escape? The Grand Hotel was built in 1899 and survived the historic fire that destroyed all other buildings in Childers in 1902. And there is definitely someone who is not done telling the story of this old girl. 

‘Luke the Spook’ has haunted the Grand’s halls for decades. He is said to open locked doors, wander the halls, and has appeared in apparitions to dozens of patrons. Publicans and guests have reported hearing him running down the stairs, or draping his arm across their shoulders.

But the man, who reportedly appears in black turn-of-the-century clothing, is a friendly fellow; the kind you would expect to meet in a small country town. All who encounter him describe a feeling of peace, not panic.

He is unlikely to bother you when you call in for a meal and a cold beer in the carriageway, where ladies once did needle work and waited for their husbands while they drank. 

Spend a night or two in one of their air-conditioned upstairs guest rooms, where quaint country charm meets classic pub.

You can find The Grand Hotel at 110 Churchill Street, Childers