Wanting fast internet speeds is a given in our fast-paced lives. But when you own an online business, particularly one as important as a legal service, having access to fast, reliable and secure internet is an absolute necessity. 

It’s why, when launching Your Online Legal from their Bundaberg headquarters, Geoff and Maria Ebert knew their chosen high-speed business nbn Enterprise Ethernet solution was crucial for their business.

“When we transitioned to business nbn-Enterprise Ethernet, the speed difference was like a biplane compared to a jet fighter,” solicitor Geoff said.

“Your Online Legal operates all our software on a cloud. Without fast internet we just can’t produce all our documents. Our hearings are run through phone systems that need to be reliable when we are in court every day, across the country.”

Businss nbn Enterprise Ethernet is a premium, high-performance fibre access network designed to be both fast and reliable. It offers access  to plans based on wholesale speed tiers of up to almost 10 gigabits per second (almost 10 times faster than before on business nbn Enterprise Ethernet)*, which is now available to businesses across the Wide Bay, including in Bundaberg.

Head of nbn local Queensland Kylie Lindsay said this was a gamechanger to help lift the digital capability of many businesses throughout Australia.

“The nbn network has changed our Australian way of life – it helps us do more – and this improved access technology will open the door on many new opportunities for businesses across the country,” Kylie said.

“As the digital landscape continues to evolve, so too does the nbn business offering – we expect demand for higher speed services to grow over time, as businesses further invest in technologies that require reliable, secure, highspeed broadband connectivity, including those in regional areas.”

Kylie said internet retailers could now offer plans based on much faster nbn wholesale speed tiers across nbn’s existing Enterprise Ethernet footprint, which includes 304 nbn Business Fibre Zones.

“Access to higher speeds will give a boost to regional businesses in the fast-growing digital economy and help them compete with their big city counterparts. We encourage businesses to speak to their preferred internet provider to discuss what business nbn Enterprise Ethernet plans are available and could benefit them.”

*nbn speeds and network availability may be impacted by factors outside of the nbn network


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