Are my dietary habits damaging my eyesight? Patients are asking this sort of question more and more. There is a plethora of information on the internet about eye health and how to maximise it through your diet. Like most readily accessible ‘free’ information, not all of it is accurate. Some conditions, including macular degeneration, are well-documented as having possible associations with dietary intake.  

As always, a good, healthy and balanced diet it optimal. Eating fresh fruit, green leafy vegetables and fish on a regular basis could help to offset these eye conditions in your later years. Before considering any supplements, its best to consult with a dietary expert who can advise on what may or may not be beneficial for you.

Smoking or drinking alcohol to excess can also harm your eyesight over time by causing toxic depositions around your macular or central vision. 

Even if you have an excellent diet, there are a lot of eye conditions that can still occur, so it is best to have your eyes checked regularly as advised. If you’re unsure about your diet, see your doctor or a dietitian. If you’re unsure about your eyesight see your optometrist.

Andrew Christiansen is the owner and optometrist at Optical Superstore Bundaberg