The automotive industry is such a wonderful career, and I wanted to share my journey in finding my home in the Region and the career that emerged when I least expected it. 

My love of cars and the seeds of my love of the motor industry originated with my grandfather. As a boy, he and I would play a game by guessing which make and model vehicle was driving in front of us. By the time I was 12 years old I could rattle off just about every car on the market. 

My journey to Bundaberg started when I was 19, I left my family home in New Jersey in the United States and moved to Los Angeles (LA). I worked in retail fashion which took me all over LA, mostly stuck in traffic where I’d fill my time playing my childhood game. 

Moving from New Jersey, then to LA, then to Bundaberg is not your regular path. Landing on Australian shores just as the pandemic took effect shrank my job prospects. This was until I saw an opportunity to join Bundaberg Motor Group in sales and figured why not take the chance. I was brought on board to learn the ropes as a sales cadet and three years later, I’m managing Kia, Subaru and Honda. It has been an amazing time. 

Working at Bundaberg Motor Group has changed my life. I’ve found a second family at work and, through finding the right car for my clients, I get to make new friends every day. I love hearing their stories of growing up here and how much the area has changed. Watching their excitement as they pick up their brand-new car is something I am proud to be a part of and look forward to every day. 

I still play my grandfather’s spot-the-car game, but instead of looking to recognise the cars, I look for the BMG-branded plate surrounds. I love to see if I was the one who sold it.

Jarred Keating is the Honda, Kia and Subaru Sales Manager at Bundaberg Motor Group, which featuring nine brands and a large range of quality used cars.