It was March 29, 1993. At 6am thousands of people across Bundaberg sat by their radio as We Built This City by Starship, started playing from the city’s first FM Radio Station – Hitz 939.

Bundaberg Broadcasters General Manager Corey Pitt was then a 21-year-old living at Avoca.

“We were all so excited to hear the first FM station and it truly felt like Bundaberg had come of age.  From that moment on, we pumped up the radio on our way to Krystal’s Nightclub, when we swam at the beach, or just cruised the streets with friends.  It was truly a wonderful time,” Corey said.

The station is celebrating its 30th birthday, and its legacy of entertaining and informing tens-of-thousands of people across the Region.

“The station has been by our community’s side through the tough times, like the 2011 and 2013 floods.  And it has also been there to celebrate so many wonderful memories of those lucky enough to call Bundy home,” Corey said.

Tracey Sergiacomi has been at the Hitz microphone for the past 12 years.

“We are privileged as announcers to be invited into people homes, workplaces and cars each day. We become like part of your family,” Trace said.

“One thing I am very proud of, is that when people want to know something that is happening in our Region, they come straight to us. Whether it’s a lost dog, road closures due to a weather event or they just want to know what events are happening this weekend.” 

Mikey Lundberg (pictured top centre) was the first Hitz939 announcer.

“I was on the air at 4BU from 1985 to 1992, so it was the thrill of my career when management announced I would be part of the new Hitz 939 line up in 1993,” Mikey said.

“I stayed until 1998 and am very proud of my work there. After I left, I worked for Sydney Radio, Radio TAB in Brisbane and retail radio, with a listening audience of six million Australians every week. But my favourite sentimental career highlight was the time I spent at Hitz 939.” 

Despite a changing media landscape, Corey said the Hitz 939 audience continued to grow in record numbers.

“I am truly proud to be part of such an amazing radio team, and help carry the baton to the next group of locals who will further the incredible Hitz 939 journey,” he said.


Catch Matty and Trace on the breakfast show at 93.9FM from 6am.