It’s one of the best-selling skincare brands in the world. Now luxury cosmetic line Clinique is leading its competitors, being one of the first global cosmetics giants to move into sustainable packaging. 

Available at the Friendly Society Pharmacy, Clinique’s new packaging is made of post-consumer recycled material, plant-derived plastic, or a combination of both. 

It’s a big step forward for the cosmetic industry and one the Friendly Society Private Hospital is happy to showcase. One of the largest hospitals in regional Queensland, “The Friendlies” has also led the way with green and eco-friendly initiatives, both big and small.

In 2018 the organisation installed the largest rooftop solar system of any hospital in the country, with 1320 panels and a 575kw system. It also changed to LED lighting and installed solar hot water.  

Senior Manager Business Development Stuart Bonnett said the hospital had saved $925,000 on energy bills to date.

“We also attract Large Generator Credits providing a further dividend of $117,000 over the past three years. With the initial system costing $1.4M, we are on track to cover the cost of the system in the next 12 months,” Stuart said. 

Stuart said The Friendlies was always looking at other changes to make, having moved to recyclable coffee and drink cups, straws and yoghurt containers a number of years ago at the Atrium Café. The Café also serves the ethically-sourced Kai Coffee.