They say a master never blames his tools, so when it comes to caravanning, motor homing and barbecuing let’s go with the best compromise. 

Because, let’s face it, when you are on the road everything is a compromise – weight, size and storage! If you are tenting it, then a small single-butane barbecue would be perfect, but if you drive a million-dollar penthouse you’ll have a lot more options.

When choosing a portable barbecue, here are the top 10 factors to consider.

Size. What is my RV’s payload and how much can I allow for a barbecue? Where will it be stored?

Fuel. What fuel source is best? Options include timer, coal, gas and 240 volt. 

Cooking. How user friendly is it and who will be doing most of the cooking? (Normally the boys when you’re on tour. Gives us an excuse to stand and have a beer!)

Price. Is it good value for money?

Warranty. Barbecues are normally pretty bullet proof so don’t spend much time on this.

Reviews. Have a look at websites where owners have left reviews, like productreview.com.au

Ask around. If you’re in a group specific to your RV, ask what they use and their feedback. The Willow RV Owners group is a great place to ask questions. 

Attachments. Do you need any non-standard attachments to make your barbecue user-friendly or enhance your usage? Think rotisserie, one or two burner, barbecue arms. Also check that your pots and pans will fit.

Laws. It’s important to familiarise yourself with the local, state and national laws to ensure your barbecue complies with the use of a naked flame outside, in the area you are staying. In Queensland you can visit www.qfes.qld.gov.au

Compliance. Once it’s fitted do you need to get your barbecue certified to comply? For example, if it’s a gas barbecue where is the gas line attached, does it comply with the gas regulations? If you had a gas bayonet fitted to the side of your RV, then had an annex fitted you could be in a world of strife. Likewise, if the barbecue is plumbed direct into a storage compartment that allows gas to leak into the RV.


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