Where many other successful Australasian companies would have relocated their head offices to capital cities, Best Practice Software instead expanded their operations in their regional town of origin.   

Developed by Dr Frank and Lorraine Pyefinch in Bundaberg in 2004, Best Practice Software is used by medical practices in Australia and New Zealand to take patient appointments, keep medical records, produce scripts, check pathology and more. 

As their foothold on the medical software industry continues to grow, so too does their vision for Bundaberg. Always supportive of the arts and passionate about enhancing civic spaces, Frank and Lorraine have recently transformed a 28-metre wide wall at their Bundaberg head office into a colourful and stylish talking piece that pays tribute to their past and future.

“The artwork’s bespoke design has been created by local artists Mark Terry, Nicole Wone, and Taylor Klaasen, who incorporated several specific elements relating to both the heritage of Best Practice Software and the first nations people upon whose land the Operations Hub resides,” Lorraine said.

Visible to passing motorists and train passengers, the public artwork was developed to celebrate the local Bundaberg community and the contribution the Best Practice team provides in the field of medical technology. In the mural, the Finch connects life between the earth and the sun, and DNA strands interconnect, to represent the support they provide to healthcare practitioners.

“We’re proud to share and celebrate our special story through this hand-painted mural, of how Frank and I developed and grew the idea of creating an electronic medical practice record, turning it into one of Australasia’s most successful health technology groups. It has been driven by the spirit of innovation and personal connection with health practitioners and patients,” Lorraine said.

Mural Features

The Sun

For local first nations people, “Ginmine” (the Sun) is the giver of all life, bringing light to all living animals and plants, with science providing the connection to evolution on Earth.

The Serpent

A tribute to the rainbow serpent for the significance it plays in creation, and the stunning imagery of the beginning of time and greater movement in the cosmos.

The Finch

The Pyefinch’s personal stamp on the quality and interoperability of Best Practice Software products is represented by the computer code for “Pi” and the Finch bird (together, as Pyefinch), which soars high above.

The Oath

A handwritten extract of the Hippocratic Oath – used by medical professionals in all they do, which reads “most especially must I tread with care in matters of life and death”.


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