Demand for immersive nature-based, sustainable travel experiences is growing, especially since COVID-19. Travelling for good means more now than ever before. Whether we are holidaying at home or travelling further afield, we want to know our presence isn’t doing harm to the environments we visit. We want to support communities by buying locally. We enjoy meeting interesting characters and learning about different cultures and ways of life.  

We want future generations to experience the same wondrous things we have. Like feeling sand between our toes, sitting by an open fire and admiring stars in an unpolluted night sky, or being transformed by the miracle of seeing turtles hatch in the wild.

Bundaberg Regional Council, supported by Bundaberg Tourism, is on a mission to achieve Eco Tourism Australia’s stamp of approval that says the Bundaberg Region is an authentic destination for environmentally-aware visitors. Eco-certified destinations are those that help visitors experience natural areas, fostering environmental and cultural understanding, appreciation and conservation. 

Certification is an involved process that Council started in mid 2020. Before a destination can be independently certified, it must demonstrate a community-wide commitment to sustainability that extends beyond the tourism sector (something we hope this special Green Issue of Crush Magazine will help with!).  

The Bundaberg Region currently has three eco-certified businesses which are shining examples of what it means to be a business with a conscience; inspiring others to follow their lead. This Spring, step out of the city or away from your computer. Channel your inner David Attenborough and support the businesses achieving, and working towards, these eco credentials. You’ll experience space, simplicity and a new level of connectedness to planet Earth.