Words by Kiralee Honor


There’s no denying grey hair has been the most talked-about shade of the past year. Sure, some people have been Googling how to cover it, but the biggest conversation has been around how to embrace it or fake it. Either way, some serious grey appreciation is happening.

Like wrinkles, grey hairs are contentious. Some would rather avoid them altogether while others think it’s a privilege to grow older and they rock their silver hair sparkles. Whichever camp you’re in is good with us.

But you can also sit between the two with blended greys. Recently there’s been a move towards natural hair enhancement and grey blending is the latest in hair colour.

Whether you have dark hair and are wanting to embrace your natural greys or are a blonde wanting to be toned grey, we can explain the journey. Moving from coloured hair to embracing your natural grey will take time and take multiple colour visits. I always recommend foils to lighten your natural darker hair and then tone your natural grey colour. The other option is to let you colour grow out, but this can take up to 12 months depending on your length.

Toner is your best friend

The fate of the perfect grey shade lays in the hands of toner. After your hair has been bleached, toning will achieve your perfect shade and it’s important to keep it up if you want your colour to last. Grey can sometimes start to look a little green over time if it’s not regularly toned. If you decide to go grey or silver, it’s important to tone your hair every two to three weeks to keep up the colour.

Toning at home is surprisingly easy. Keep your silver tones from turning brassy by switching to a purple shampoo and conditioner. Grey hair can also be drier and more brittle than other hair colours so use a conditioner each time you shampoo, a deep conditioner once a month, and a leave-in conditioner to keep your strands soft.

Style it

The ghd rise is a hot brush used on dry hair that will give you enviable body from root to tip. Using a combination of SMART ultra-zone technology and 5mm nylon bristles for maximum root lift, an optimum style temperature of 185 degrees is consistently maintained to give you fullness and bounce. 

We recommend the ghd helios for a professional looking blow-dried finish. With its ergonomic design and low volume, the ghd helios will give you smoother, shinier hair due to its ionic technology and powerful airflow. 

Going green 

Our salon uses water reducing basins and recycled foil. We also use Kevin Murphy products which use 100 per cent ocean waste to make all their bottles.

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