With an abundance of beautiful green spaces across the Bundaberg Region, it is almost unthinkable not to enjoy them. But if the idea of packing up and lugging all the gear for a picnic in the park makes you want to stay inside, there is an easier way. Just order a beautiful fresh platter from your favourite café and let GrazyDays Picnics take care of the rest. 

With setup, styling and tableware, GrazyDays will transform a simple sandwich on a rug into a special moment to share. A themed setting complete with cushions, floor coverings, low picnic table, ice bucket and table setting all add the ambiance.

By having your picnic organised for you, you can let yourself enjoy the moment. Wiggle your toes in the grass. Feel the warm sun on your face and the gentle breeze on your back. Be present with your guests and graze mindfully.

Ideal for small or intimate gatherings, GrazyDays setups are also available to DIY – simply hire everything you need to bring a personal touch to your picnic.