Neat as a pin. Sharp as a tack. Passionate about the Region they call home. Ryan and Tegan Weekes are everything you want in a realtor and more.

Not only do they know the local market, they also understand the things that influence purchasing decisions and closely monitor economic conditions and trends. “When people buy and sell real estate, we get to know their circumstances and lifestyle. What are their motivations? What drives them? Real estate is not transactional – it’s personal, and can be emotional,” Ryan said.

In December 2019, right before COVID-19 hit, the dynamic husband and wife duo established Weekes Property Co. Creating their own uniquely-modern brand, they renovated a charming old house on Barolin Street for their office and were determined to do things differently. “We wanted to be a seamless family agency that negotiated and facilitated with integrity on behalf of great clients,” Ryan said. “Not being under a big corporate banner meant we could do things our way. Our clients like knowing that any commission stays here in Bundaberg.” 

Before starting Weekes Property Co, Ryan cut his professional teeth working at large franchise real estate agencies and Tegan worked in banking and finance. They weathered down cycles and remained determined when the local property market and economy sat stagnant.

“There are a lot of good people in our community who like seeing others do well, and want to help each other succeed,” Tegan said. “Since we started the business, people we haven’t seen for years are coming out of the woodwork to congratulate Ryan. They’re proud to see us taking a risk and going it alone.”

Ryan said the pandemic had created anxiety and uncertainty in the community but had provided a long overdue boost for the local property market, generating unbelievable demand and record prices. “In my opinion, good market conditions don’t necessarily produce good agents,” he said. “It’s a high-transactional market at the moment, but that is changing. Agents who trained in softer markets are better equipped.”  

Like every business owner with young children, Ryan and Tegan know how to hustle. Based on Tegan’s efficiency and attention to detail, you’d never know she works from home with their young daughter, Sylvie. In their spare time, the sporty family enjoys renovating houses with Tegan’s dad. They’re not afraid of hard work. If there’s something they want, they go after it – both professionally and personally. 

Ryan was so determined to win Tegan’s affections that he asked her to be his date to the Year 12 prom some 12 months before the event while they were still in Year 11. Not one to do anything by halves, Ryan proposed to Tegan while skydiving in Queenstown, New Zealand. 

We watch. We advise…

While there will always be go-to streets and suburbs across the Region that are popular, like Bocks Road, Dooley Street and Woongarra Scenic Drive, Ryan and Tegan have a close eye on Elliott Heads as the next big thing. “There’s a lot of good development happening, making the Bundaberg Region an enviable place to live,” Tegan said. 

Given the large number of interstate cash buyers who continue to invest in local property, Ryan is confident interest rate rises will have less of an impact here than they might elsewhere. “We saw a little bit of heat come out of the market when there was that recent COVID-19 spike and after the Federal Election, as people stood back and watched. But we’ve had record enquiries again,” he said. 

“Bundy has always sat about 20 per cent below where the median price should have been, compared to other regional areas, but now there’s new precedent and I think the market will sustain itself,” he said.

If you want to compete with cash buyers, Tegan said your best bet was to get pre-approval of your home loan and offer a decent cash deposit. “Eliminating the need for a finance clause in the contract of sale is attractive to sellers,” Tegan said. 


WEEKES PROPERTY CO is at 80 Barolin Street, Bundaberg South. 07 4191 5665