There is no denying that certain sounds are calming, like the ocean or a gentle breeze rustling the leaves. What is it about sound that soothes us? 

When sound is harnessed at certain frequencies, like through a tuning fork, the benefits can be many. Amanda Mackay is a second-generation healer who works with and teaches the practice of Tuning Fork Therapy. 

“Tuning Forks are used in the energy field around the body, the area known as the biofield. The vibration from the tuning fork connects with the dissonant emotions in the field and like warm water over a sugar cube, it reduces the static, bringing balance to the biofield and the body. This can help with reducing anxiety, stress and over thinking,” Amanda said.

“The vibration of the fork placed on the body not only relaxes the body, it calms the central nervous system and assists healing on a cellular level, making it a unique offering.

“Tuning Fork Therapy can easily be integrated into other practices such as yoga, massage, kinesiology, facials, reiki and meditation.”

So passionate about teaching others the benefits of Tuning Fork Therapy, Amanda will spend four days in Bundaberg in May to teach others the practice.

The practitioner training is fully accredited with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists and includes a practitioner kit.


For details on Practitioner Training, May 25 – 28, visit biofieldbeing.com.au/tuning-fork-practitioner/