Energy and emotions are key factors in the healing process, according to intuitive naturopath Danielle Dennis. When you add in the transformative power that nature provides in abundance, she believes it can bring sustained long-term wellbeing to clients.

“My priority is to make clients feel safe, comfortable, nurtured and heard, providing them with a treatment plan that’s achievable,” Danielle said.

She believes in offering clients her full attention, being actively present and observing without judgement.

“I want to help people feel like themselves again, free from ailments and returning to health and harmony,” she said.

With more than 15 years’ experience as a qualified naturopath, Danielle specialises in herbal medicine and Australian bush flower essences. She takes clients through a process of rejuvenation, from ill-health to wellness, helping treat conditions such as depression and anxiety, fatigue and overwhelm, digestive complaints and women’s health issues.


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