What comes to mind when you imagine your ultimate holiday or perfect getaway? Is it tropical islands, pristine reef, gorgeous beaches, meandering paths and tranquil nature reserves? Do you prefer the structure of guided tours and charters or want to learn something new? Perhaps your idea of the perfect break is a week off from cooking and cleaning; enjoying some retail therapy. You might be surprised to know you don’t need to look much further than your own backyard to find these things. The Bundaberg Region offers all this and more. Crush Magazine asked Bundaberg’s resident mermaid, underwater photographer and Southern Great Barrier Reef Ambassador, Tracy Olive to share some of her favourite local spots and childhood tales of holidaying at home.


We lived at Elliott Heads near the rockpool. We would come home from school every day, chuck our bags, drink a cup of Milo and bolt down to the rocks, and that is where we would stay until it was dark.

I didn’t really realise how lucky we were to have this growing up, until I had my own children. Sometimes we feel so busy, but all you need to do is stop and breathe, look at that beautiful water, look at all the beautiful things we have here, the beautiful produce.

Our weekends were spent at Bucca Creek, fishing or camping at Turkey Beach. Even when we were no longer
living at Elliott Heads, we would snorkel around Dr May’s Island in the Elliott River mouth, where we would see dugongs.

You just can’t beat the Southern Great Barrier Reef. Since being declared Green Zone, Fairfax Island, Hoskyn Island and Boult Reef are all amazing too.

My favourite place is Lady Musgave Island. The whales are coming to the outer reef more and more. You may
not always see them when you are snorkelling, but you can hear them sing. You can feel it. How many people get to listen to that?

Even just off the mainland, just off the rocks at Elliott Heads there are amazing soft corals, schools of mackerel and bait fish. Barolin Rocks at Coral Cove is a fantastic little shore dive.

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